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MaKael White - WAMFT AAMFT Approved Supervisor Scholarship Recipient

WAMFT is proud to announce that MaKael White has been awarded the first WAMFT AAMFT Approved Supervisor Scholarship! This scholarship is a $500 award with mentoring.

Here's what MaKael shared with us upon hearing the news.

"I am excited to receive this scholarship award! I have been working in mental health to address the lack of access to competent care in rural areas, especially for fellow LGBTQ members my entire professional and academic career. Along the way, I found a passion for tutoring, consulting, and mentoring others as they established and expanded their repertoire of skills and understanding in service delivery. I have been instrumental in the launch of a new group practice into a nonprofit called Hope Development Practice. The focus of our nonprofit is to provide accessible and competent mental health and relational treatment for LGBTQ individuals and families in the rural areas just south of the Sound here in WA. The work is far from done, and I am very excited at this opportunity to learn how to be a supervisor from the AAMFT perspective and standards."

Congratulations MaKael! We look forward to seeing your continued contributions to the community as you work toward becoming an AAMFT Approved Supervisor!

Are you interested in becoming an AAMFT Approved Supervisor? Click here to learn more about the scholarship!


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