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Brainstorm Team Meeting

Interested in Running for a WAMFT Board Position?
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WAMFT Committees are run by volunteers of the association. With questions, contact the chair of the Elections Committee, Jessica Leith!  If you are interested in volunteering in some other capacity, please contact WAMFT.

Committee Chair: Jessica Leith

The Elections Committee is composed of elected positions and is responsible for running the nomination and election process in accordance with the WAMFT Bylaws. The Committee maintains a file consisting of members who have been recommended, nominated, or in other ways identified as potential participants in WAMFT activities. When an Officer or Chair of a Committee requests help in filling positions, the Committee also serves as a search committee.

Executive Committee

Committee Chair: Anthony Pennant

The Executive Committee is made up of the five officers of WAMFT (President, Past-President, President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer) and is chaired by the President. The Executive Committee reports to and is accountable to the full board and is responsible for bylaws, policy review, board education, conducting full board evaluations of staff and lobbyist, board self-assessment, new member orientation, and board succession planning. The committee is responsible for conducting research for hiring purposes and handles urgent issues and resolves emergencies or organizational crises.

Finance / Fundraising Committee

Committee Chair: Rochelle Pope

The committee assists the Treasurer in preparing the annual budget for approval by the Board and Membership and is responsible for making recommendations to the Board and membership in matters pertaining to finances of and fundraising for WAMFT.

Ethics, Training, and Standards Committee

Committee Chair: Bethany Suppes

This committee educates the membership and the public regarding the AAMFT Code of Ethics. The committee advises the Board of Directors and the membership at large regarding standards for training, supervision, and continuing professional education. The committee also compiles and maintains lists of available training programs and supervisors within Washington and periodically publishes such lists in the WAMFT newsletter without recommendation or endorsement. Members on the committee will be responsible for reviewing all abstracts submitted to WAMFT for CEU approval.

Membership Services Committee

Committee Chair: Astrik Price

This committee makes recommendations to the board about strategies for member recruitment and retention and is responsible to implement Board approved strategies for improving member services. This committee is also responsible for generating an overall social networking plan for the WAMFT Facebook and Twitter accounts. This includes marketing WAMFT events, sharing AAMFT and WAMFT news, educational pieces of interest, news and member highlights from WAMFT eNews, legislative updates, and pieces of interest to MFTs. This committee will generate and present to the Board of Directors a plan to increase the use and design of the WAMFT website, offering new material on a regular cycle.

Legislative Committee

Committee Co-Chairs: Ashley Lacy and Theresa Winther

The Legislative Committee is responsible for working with the Board to define legislative priorities for WAMFT. The committee reviews legislation and guides the lobbyist in legislative strategy. They also attend meetings of the DOH Advisory Committee and serve as a voice for WAMFT. They work with other professional associations on legislative issues.

Clinical Committee

Committee Chair: Danesha Deloatch

The purpose of the clinical committee is to CARE: 


  • Create a collaborative and professional networking environment. 

  • Advocate for the advancement of LMFT in the State of Washington  

  • Represent additional leadership and professional development experiences as presenters, trainers, supervisors, and mentors. 

  • Educate and support to learn from another and share their clinical experience and expertise and expand on clinical knowledge. 


Clinical Fellows and those currently recognized as "clinical members" of WAMFT and are welcome to join our Clinical Committee. The clinical committee is in its pioneering stage, so we are developing new ideas and opportunities to better support and speak to the needs of our clinical (LMFTs) members. Participating on the committee provides an opportunity to build, deepen, and strengthen your therapy community as well as your clinical knowledge base and leadership skills as you interact with other LMFTs in Washington. Bring your voice and experienced perspective to this committee to help shape future projects to promote an invigorating and thriving community of MFTs! 

Pre-Clinical Committee

Committee Chair: Jitani Mosley

The purpose of the Pre-Clinical Committee is to create a collaborative, professional networking environment within WAMFT where newly emerging professionals who hold an Associate-level license (LMFTA) in the state of Washington can find support and opportunities to grow in their craft and learn from one another. Our goal is to create learning opportunities for pre-clinical members to excel in their field and make available social and professional events to further knowledge. We understand the financial and time constraints of our pre-clinical community and strive to be all-inclusive and keep our events either free of charge or at minimum cost to members.

Members are welcome to join our Pre-Clinical Committee. We meet for an hour each month. Committee Members help with WAMFT Mentor Day activities (which can include sending out emails and volunteering at Mentor Day); additional opportunities to get involved include volunteering at WAMFT's Annual Fall Conference, facilitating Thursday Night Check-ins (an online event for WAMFT Pre-Clinical Members) on a quarterly basis; and supporting other committee-led events. Participating on the committee provides an opportunity to build leadership skills as you interact with top leaders in the Marriage and Family Therapy field. Expand your creativity as you lend your voice and input to future projects that build our community and shape its direction. The relationships you build serving in this committee can bolster future career opportunities!

Student Committee

Committee Chair: Amisha Gandhi

MFT students are the innovators of our field! With fresh research and new ideas, the students play a significant role in formation of the future of our field. This Committee is for student members to address their needs as trainees and advise the Board on how best to meet their unique needs. This includes connecting with students within the various programs, notifying student members of legislative priorities, and informing student members of the benefits available to them and aiding in their launch to our wonderful profession. The WAMFT Student Board Member chairs this committee. 

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