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These resources are designed to promote critical thought and education around racism and may not fully represent WAMFT’s position on this complex topic.  Read WAMFT’s Black Lives Matter statement here.

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WAMFT Board: Update October 2020 eNEWS

WAMFT President, Jennifer Sampson shares an update on the work the WAMFT Board is doing to improve our focus and organization to fight against racism and racist policies to create systemic change in our MFT profession and in the state of Washington.

Racialized Trauma


Education (FREE at time of post) through a trauma and body-psychology lens by Resmaa Menakem, MSW, LICSW, SEP, ( author of My Grandmother’s Hands.

Racial Trauma Therapy Overview - Recording

Steven D Kniffley Jr., PsyD, MPA, ABPP offers a recording of a Racial Trauma Therapy Overview Webinar free on his website (at time of post).  Dr. Kniffley offers certification in the Kniffley Racial Trauma Therapy model.

- Shared by WAMFT Member

Socioculturally Attuned Family Therapy: Guidelines for Equitable Theory and Practice

If not utilized in your academic program, consider purchasing this text as it addresses the need for socially responsible couple, marriage, and family therapy that infuses diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout theory & clinical practice.

ISBN-13: 978-1138678217

NAMI Resouce List

NAMI Gives Statement on Recent Racist Incidents and Offers Mental Health Resources

Calling People In About "Violence"

SURJ ( created a toolkit on how to call people in about "violence" and why it's important right now.

So You Want to Talk About Race

Ijemo Oluo ( discusses why it's so hard to talk about race and why we must do it anyway.

White Fragility Critique

John McWhorter wrote an article titled "The Dehumanizing Condescension of White Fragilty: The popular book aims to combat racism but talks down to Black people".

UConn Racial/Ethnic Stress & Trauma Scale (UnRESTS)

University of Connecticut developed a semi-structured interview offered in both English and Spanish. Because it is an interview, it can facilitate the conversation between the client and clinician regarding the client’s experiences with racism.

Therapy for Black Girls Podcast

The Therapy for Black Girls Podcast is a weekly chat about all things mental health, personal development, and all the small decisions we can make to become the best possible versions of ourselves.

King County Equity and Social Justice

Image by Artist:

Matthew Echohawk-Hayashi

King County Office of Equity and Social Justice (OESJ) is proud to support the newly formed Coalition Against Hate & Bias (the Coalition). The Coalition is a community-led initiative to address hate and bias incidents by strengthening and networking communities who experience racist and bigoted treatment and all forms of oppression. The Coalition Partners are also the administrators of the Hate and Bias Incident Response Survey to collect data from communities affected by hate and bias.

- Shared by WAMFT Member

Just Mercy.  A Story of Justice & Redemption

A powerful true story about the Equal Justice Initiative, the people we represent, and the importance of confronting injustice, Just Mercy is a bestselling book by Bryan Stevenson that has been adapted into a feature film.

WAMFT Board: Update August 2020 eNEWS

WAMFT President, Jennifer Sampson shares an update on the work the WAMFT Board is doing to improve our focus and organization to fight against racism and racist policies to create systemic change in our MFT profession and in the state of Washington.

AAMFT Resources

AAMFT has gathered an extensive reading list of racial justice resources for MFTs.

Race Based Trauma Resources & Support in Times of Civil Strife

The City of Alexandria, Virginia has a growing list of resources related to coping with racism and trauma on individual, interpersonal/family, community and national/global levels. The resources are collected and maintained by the Department of Community and Human Services Racial Equity Core Team and Alexandria’s trauma-informed community network, Resilience Alexandria: Inform. Support. Elevate. (RAISE).

- Shared by WAMFT Member

Standing at the Crossroads Supporting Families through Trauma, Black Lives Matter, and Covid 19

WAMFT hosted a networking event July 2020 including a panel discussion with Alanah Dillard, LMFT, Tanisha Medina, LMHC, Anthony Pennant, LMFT, and Jack Stell, LMFT.

Five Ways an Anti-Racist White Caucus Supports Diversity & Inclusion

Ilsa Govan (co-founder of Cultures Connecting) explains reasons why any organization that truly wants to create a diverse and welcoming environment should get as comfortable cultivating White people as allies to People of Color as we are men as allies to women.

The Effects of Racism on Mental Health: How to Cope

Karen G. Martínez, MD, MSc, and

Jessica Graham-LoPresti present webinar focused on the negative impact of racism on mental health symptoms for people of color.

Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Exercise

Teacher and diversity trainer Jane Elliott ( talks about her "Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes Exercise," the construct of race and what everyone can do in the fight against racism on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

"White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism"

Robin DiAngelo, PhD ( reads from her book at the Seattle Public Library.

Solidarity Talks: Vikki Reynolds, Sacha Médiné, & Parker Johnson

Structuring enough-Safety & fostering fierce brave & compassionate conversations by & for Black People. Black counsellor & educator Sacha Médiné and Black activist facilitator & educator Parker Johnson with white settler activist/therapist educator Vikki Reynolds. (There are resources listed in the description on YouTube.)

Immigrant Rights

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project has compiled several resources to help immigrants understand their rights when interacting with various law enforcement officials and officers.

Loveland Therapy Fund

Loveland Foundation is committed to showing up for communities of color in unique and powerful ways, with a particular focus on Black women and girls. Our resources and initiatives are collaborative and they prioritize opportunity, access, validation, and healing. We are becoming the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Racecraft: The Soul of Inequality in America

Most people assume that racism grows from a perception of human difference: the fact of race gives rise to the practice of racism. Sociologist Karen E. Fields and historian Barbara J. Fields argue otherwise: the practice of racism produces the illusion of race, through what they call "racecraft." And this phenomenon is intimately entwined with other forms of inequality in American life. So pervasive are the devices of racecraft in American history, economic doctrine, politics, and everyday thinking that the presence of racecraft itself goes unnoticed.

- Shared by WAMFT Member

Black Lives Matter: WAMFT Statement

WAMFT President, Jennifer Sampson shared a message from the Board of Directors in support of Black Lives Matter movement at the 2020 Annual Meeting on Friday June 12th.

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