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WAMFT’s Advocacy Network collaborates with policy and regulatory stakeholders in Washington state to protect the rights and needs of MFTs in Washington.  WAMFT members are empowered to bring their voice to the legislative process through our annual Day on the Hill and other advocacy initiatives.  Learn more about our current Advocacy Goals and Legislative Priorities here. 


Advocacy Benefits

  • Telemedicine Pay Parity

  • Keeping Licensure Costs Down

  • Increasing MFT Visibility

  • Ensuring Sustainability & Longevity

  • LGBTQIA+ Rights

  • Standing against Racism

  • And more....

Advocacy Fund


Contribute to the WAMFT Advocacy Fund and support advocacy activities, education, and contract lobbyist Lewis Consulting LLC who advocate on behalf of ALL MFTs in WA State.

WAMFT is not a 501c3, so donations are not deductible as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes.  Payments to the WAMFT Advocacy Fund may be deductible as a business expense.  However, IRS regulations limit the deduction based on the association's lobbying expenses.  Consult your tax adviser regarding issues with tax deductions.

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Donate Advocacy
Advocacy Goals

Advocacy Goals

These represent the goals for WAMFT's advocacy work spanning several years as approved by WAMFT board and in conjunction with AAMFT.

Tier 1

Actively Managed

  • MFT licensure law modernization

  • Threats to the profession

  • Increase visibility of MFTs statewide with lawmakers

  • Monitor fees for licensure via DoH

Tier 2


  • Telemedicine payment parity

  • Licensure reciprocity

  • ESSB 5229 Equity in Healthcare CE requirement implementation

  • Mental health crisis response

  • MFTs in schools

Tier 3

Deferred to Next Biennium

  • Intern pay

  • Autism diagnosis privilege for MFTs

  • State loan forgiveness inclusion

Legislative Priorities

Legislative Priorities
Legislative Updates
Ask the Lobbyist

Ask The Lobbyist

Ask Lewis Consulting LLC to learn about their essential role in protecting the profession of ALL MFTs across WA State

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Amber Lewis

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