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Get to Know Rochelle Cousineau Pope

Rochelle Cousineau Pope is a fully licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Washington State. She is Owner/Therapist of Amplitude Therapy Services - Providing Telehealth Family Therapy across Washington State. Working and living in Spokane, Rochelle is dedicated to ensuring WAMFT members are included and given access to all their membership benefits and creating connection and community in all directions. Her involvement in WAMFT began after attending a focus group and she raised her hand to volunteer to help organize networking events. With her Networking Task Force buddies Astrik Price and Billie Tyler, under the pressure of the pandemic, together they designed and delivered a new CE and community building program for WAMFT members and invited the greater therapy community to Building A Better US - Conversations for Systemic Thinkers. Rochelle has continued to increase her involvement and dedicating her time, talent and energy to WAMFT supporting Marriage and Family Therapists across Washington State. WAMFT Treasurer 2023-2025 WAMFT At-Large Board Member - 2022 WAMFT Pre-Clinical Associate of the Year - 2021

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