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2023 Conference Recap and 2024 Conference Launch!

The Washington Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (WAMFT) successfully concluded its annual conference on September 22nd and 23rd. This hybrid conference, titled “Entering into Fullness: Self of the Therapist,” was a focal point for marriage and family therapists nationwide.

The hybrid conference hosted approximately 95 in person attendees who gathered at the Centennial Hotel in Spokane, with a total of 150 registrants. It created a vibrant and enriching environment, allowing participants to delve into their therapeutic endeavors, emphasizing mutual learning, and understanding the humanity of both the clinician and the client and the value that serves in the therapeutic process. Attendees included students and faculty from esteemed programs across the state, such as Antioch Seattle (Conference Track Sponsor), PLU, Capella, National University, and more.

Highlights of the Event:

- A keynote address by Dr. Harry Aponte, a renowned figure in the therapeutic community. In addition, influential contributions from leaders in the field of Person of the Therapist including Alba Niño, Senem Zeytinghlu Saydam, Kelly Shearer, and Rebecca Kenyon. Also highlighting local Spokane voices like Laura Schmidt, LMFT.

- Engaging sessions with featured speakers Dr. Cortney Warren and Dr. Brian Seppi.

- A diversified array of networking, panels, and workshops focusing on the multifaceted aspects of the therapy profession.

- A compelling panel discussion in collaboration with NAMI Spokane, focusing on mental health advocacy, awareness, and the vital role of community partnerships in fostering mental well-being and support.

The conference provided a unique blend of learning, networking, and professional development opportunities, enabling participants to explore innovative approaches and best practices in marriage and family therapy. This year’s theme emphasized the holistic development and self-realization of therapists, enhancing their professional journeys.

Looking Ahead to 2024:

Join us next year for another enlightening conference experience! The theme for September 2024 will be "Embracing Complexity: Navigating with Curiosity in Focus." Building on the momentum of this year's event, we will delve deeper into the multifaceted world and how it impacts the therapists and clients they work with, exploring the complexities of the therapeutic process and fostering a culture of curiosity. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details on this exciting upcoming conference! EARLY early bird registration is open for a limited time through 12/10/23!

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