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September 24th, 2021 WAMFT Pre Conference Event

September 25th, 2021 WAMFT Annual Conference

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Embarking on becoming an MFT is an exciting time. While the rewards of a career you are passionate about are numerous, we know the journey is not without its challenges. These resources are invaluable to traversing your path.


Questions? Call AAMFT at 703-838-9808 or email central@aamft.org. Be sure to have your member ID# handy or include it in your email! You may also contact WAMFT directly, at wamft@wamft.org

MFT Exam Information

and Study Group

The MFT Exam is administered by the Association of Marital and Family Therapy Regulatory Boards (AMFTRB).

WAMFT manages a Pre-Clinical/Associate study group for members who are studying for the National MFT Licensure Exam. The study group meets via Zoom on the fourth Sunday of each month from 10am-12pm, with breaks in September and December. Months where the first Sunday falls on a holiday, the study group is postponed by one week. 

State Licensing

The Washington State Licensing Board can answer questions related to the licensure requirements and process.


Use AAMFT’s Approved Supervisor Directory to find supervisors with the very highest qualifications in relational therapy supervision.

Finding a Job 

AAMFT's online job board is constantly updated with positions for MFTs at all levels of their careers across the country.