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Whether you are a current MFT student or an emerging professional, Mentor Day offers a fun and engaging opportunity to connect with experienced MFT professionals, explore areas of interest, and get your burning questions about the next steps in your career answered!  

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Mentor Day is a virtual event happening on Saturday, October 19, 2024 where emerging MFT Students, Interns, New Graduates, Associates, Licensed Therapists, and Supervisors interact in one space to gain knowledge and guidance about innovative ways to go from “Gowns to Groundwork'' in the MFT field. See the WAMFT President's message regarding the rescheduling of Mentor Day 2024. 

Mentor Day Pricing:

Student Member - $18.90 ($24.15 w/CE)

Professional Member - Associate $37.80 ($48.30 w/CE)

Profesional Member - Clinical Fellow $63.00 ($80.50 w/ CE)

Non-Member - $90.00 ($115.00 w/CE)

The above pricing will automatically apply at registration checkout.

If the correct pricing is not showing up, please contact for assistance. 

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You are not alone on your path to licensure.

- Kim McBride, LMFT

helpful for my context as a recent graduate

thought-provoking for new and seasoned therapists alike

instrumental in my formation as a student working toward licensure

it's getting better every year!


Summary from Mentor Day 2021

This year’s Mentor Day was hosted virtually on Saturday, May 8 and was attended by 69 mentors, presenters, and attendees.

Featured Keynotes

J Rodriguez photo - Breezy

Dr. Jeanette Rodriguez

'Addressing Unconscious Bias in the Therapy Room'


When it comes to racial bias, most people really do want to do “the right thing.” The challenge lies in recognizing what holds us back and developing the right tools to do it. This session will explore and identify unconscious bias and take intentional steps to mitigate their impact.

Nicole Arzt - headshot (1) - Breezy Tott

Nicole Arzt​, LMFT

'On Being a Modern Day Therapist'


It's no secret that many new therapists feel incompetent and insecure with their work. They face immense risk for burnout due to this phenomenon. Learning how to cope and tackle imposter syndrome can help you become a more confident and effective clinician.

  • Breakout Sessions

    • Work Setting Panel

      • Panelists: Danesha Deloach, Astrik Price, Danielle Allen, CJ Ellsworth, Jennifer Sampson, PhD

    • Supervision Tracks

      • Associate Track: Scott Edwards, PhD

      • Student Track: Laura Wallace, PhD

    • Networking

      • Mentors: Astrik Price, John Steward, Danesha Deloatch, Katherine Graves, Beth Tubbs, Kimberly Riley, Lisa Mackey, Dave Lutz, Margaret MacLeod, Tri Nguyen, Scott Edwards, Macy Dong, Amanda Franklin, Marsha Jones, Theresa Winther

Mentor Day 2019


Mentor Day is a great opportunity for marriage and family therapy students and associates to come together for a day of learning, networking, and support as they meet dynamic and knowledgeable mentors who are currently practicing in the field. This year’s Mentor Day took place at the beautiful, accessible urban campus of Seattle University on Friday, March 22 and was attended by over 70 mentors, presenters, and attendees.

Laura Wallace, PhD, LMFT spoke on “The Benefits and Challenges of Starting and Working in Group Private Practice”

Kate Reeves, MA, LMFT talked about “Building a Successful Private Practice with Clients You Want”

Natalie Hillegas, MS, LMFTA shared “How to Excel in Community Mental Health”

Tony Rousmaniere, PsyD discussed the art of “Becoming a Master Clinician: The Art of Deliberate & Evidence-Based Practices”

Elizabeth Cabibi, MS, LMFT talked about “Navigating the Supervision and Licensure Process”

Panelists covered important topics in “Intentionally Expanding Cultural Competence and Inclusivity” and “Choosing a Specialty and Continuing Education”

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