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WAMFT’s Advocacy Network collaborates with policy and regulatory stakeholders in Washington state to protect the rights and needs of MFTs in Washington.  WAMFT members are empowered to bring their voice to the legislative process through our annual Day on the Hill and other advocacy initiatives.  Learn more about our current Legislative Agenda here. 


Advocacy Benefits

  • Telemedicine Pay Parity

  • Keeping Licensure Costs Down

  • Increasing MFT Visibility

  • Ensuring Sustainability & Longevity

  • LGBTQIA+ Rights

  • Standing against Racism

  • And more....


Charity Laughlin, LMFTA: Current Legislative Chair (2021-present)


Anthony Pennant, LMFT:  Former Legislative Chair (2019-2020); Current President-Elect (2021-present)

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