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What is Day on the Hill?

Your voice matters. Without you, elected officials do not know what our clients and communities, our profession, and ourselves need to receive the mental health care we all deserve. Day on the Hill is an annual opportunity for WAMFT members to meet your Washington State elected officials and let your voice be heard in regards to state legislation that impacts all of us as MFTs practicing in Washington.  


Our annual Day on the Hill starts with an advocacy training followed by meetings with Washington State legislators. 


If you register, please make every effort to attend in order to respect the time that legislators have specifically set aside to meet with us.  

Day on the Hill

Our next Day on the Hill will occur February 7, 2023

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When you register, we’ll ask for  the names of your state legislators.  Why is this? Policymakers want to meet with their constituents (you!), so we’ll schedule meetings with them based on who is attending the event.   If you register, please make every effort to attend in order to respect the time that legislators have specifically set aside to meet with us.  

Here’s why:  Meetings with WA legislators for Day on the Hill are scheduled based on the legislative district of attendees since legislators prefer to meet with their constituents. If you register for Day on the Hill, we will endeavor to schedule a meeting with your legislator, and you’ll be the spokesperson for that meeting (with the support of our lobbyists, WAMFT board members, and other attendees). If you as the constituent are unavailable for the meeting, the legislator will usually cancel the meeting, causing disruption to their schedule and time.

What to Expect When Attending Day on the Hill

WAMFT’s Virtual Day on the Hill will begin with an advocacy training followed by brief (15-30 minute) meetings between WAMFT members and legislators. As a WAMFT member attending Day on the Hill, you’ll be assigned to specific meetings based on your Washington state legislative district and provide your perspective as an MFT on selected current legislation. You won’t be alone in these meetings—other Day on the Hill attendees, WAMFT board members, and our lobbyists will be there as well. However, your legislator wants to hear from you as their constituent rather than our lobbyists—you have a unique perspective as an MFT practicing in Washington. Your shared stories and experiences (related to the bill or issue being discussed) will make a difference!


Q:  Can I sign up for part of the day? 

A:  Please make every effort to stay for the entire event. These events are meant to create visibility for our profession and organization with key policy makers, which in turn affects our ability to practice in Washington State.


Q: Can I cancel after registration?

A: If you register, please make every effort to attend in order to respect the time that legislators have specifically set aside to meet with us.  


Q:  I’m curious about who the elected state legislators are for my district.  Where can I find this information?  

A:   Use this Washington State Legislature District Finder to determine your district and elected legislators: here


Q:  Will I be assigned to speak with specific legislators?   

A: Legislators prefer to speak with their own constituents, so you’ll be meeting with the legislators for your district as far as possible.


Q:  What legislative items will we be addressing at Day on the Hill? 

A:  We will select current legislation to discuss based on WAMFT’s advocacy goals and WAMFT’s values of relationships, innovation, inclusivity, knowledge, and ethics. We will provide information on selected legislation prior to Day on the Hill.


Q: How will I be informed enough to talk with my legislators?  

A:  WAMFT, in conjunction with our lobbyists, will provide you with talking points for the agenda items to be addressed at Day on the Hill. You will also have time during the advocacy training to share your talking points and receive feedback. 


Q:  Should I expect to be in meetings for the entire day?

A:  There will be scheduled breaks between meetings, including a lunch break. 


Q:  What should I wear?   

A:  Business attire, please!

Q:  How will the 2 CEs work? 

A: You’ll have the option to earn 2 FREE CEs (1 regular and 1 Law and Ethics) with full-day attendance and completion of an evaluation at the end of the event. 

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