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Statement from the WAMFT President - We stand against anti-trans and LGB+ Legislation

What is going on right now? Why are people making these laws against folx? What in the world is happening to America?

These are but a few questions that I have been asking myself this year but honestly, much of my life. It is not a new phenomenon that our state and federal governments have historically enacted laws and stances against people’s identities. The motivation then as it is now, is based in the oppression of people and the active dehumanization of individuals. The alarming increase of laws being passed that specifically target people of color and non-binary trans folx are downright scary. Your board here at WAMFT clearly condemns these actions and we actively stand against this bigotry. While these experiences are fearful, unsettling and make us feel hopeless, this is not the time to be idle or quiet.

This is the time to push forward in what we do best. Interrupt the system. Now is the time to create third order change in our therapy rooms, classrooms and communities. Continue speaking the truth that the dehumanization of people anywhere impacts us all in our physical bodies, emotional bodies and spiritual bodies. Continue seeking connection and support from others to ensure we are supported in our work. Continue demanding accountability from those we trust to govern us.

WAMFT will continue to be bold in speaking out about these injustices.

Anthony Pennant, PhD

WAMFT President

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Well said!

Gefällt mir

Well said. Much better than the AAMFT statement. Would love to see more.

Gefällt mir
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