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2022 Advanced Suicide Training Rules and Requirements Update

The passage of ESHB 2411 in 2020 brought changes to Continuing Education Requirements for mental health professionals in Washington. Beginning 7/1/21, the second required 6-hr suicide training must be an advanced suicide training; however, the Department of Health still needs to finalize rules and standards for the advanced training before the requirement will be enforced. The Department of Health has indicated the following general timeline for implementation:

  • Late January 2022: Department will release CR-102 (Proposed Rule-Making Notice)

  • Late February 2022: Department will hold a public hearing for final draft of rules

  • June or July 2022: Rules will become effective, with approved trainings being offered shortly thereafter

Relevant updated WACs for advanced suicide training:




In addition, AIDS prevention and information education requirements (246-809-080) has been repealed effective 5/14/21.

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