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Building a Better Us: Community Conversations for Systems Thinkers

Networking events designed to share, learn and connect over conversations on challenging topics across Washington State; providing opportunities for inspiration, support, continued education and connection with our Washington MFT community.

Standing at the Crossroads - Supporting Families through the Trauma of Black Lives Matter & Covid 19

This first installment of this series is intended to create a space to discuss the current events surrounding our nation and communities as we all learn new ways of thinking and behaving.  As systems thinkers we understand the crucible of pressure families are experiencing and want to highlight, discuss and come together to share, learn and connect during this remarkable moment in history. This includes a panelists discussion. 

Learning Objectives: 

  • Participants will learn the importance of holding space for clients at the crossroads regarding COVID-19 Pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movements; as well as gain more insight of the trauma that correlates with both topics. 

  • Participants will be updated about information regarding legislation, and how as a systemic community we can help support change within the legislative system. 

  • This event will also help and/or remind participants of self-care strategies therapists can utilize to support themselves throughout this time.


*Live event was held on July 24th, 2020

Complete Evaluation for CE

Resources shared during event:

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