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Get to Know Claudia Johnson

Claudia Johnson is a Latina Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and a supervisor in training based in Seattle Washington. She owns and operates Gentle Hearts Therapy, which offers comprehensive psychotherapeutic care to clients. She is originally from Mexico and focuses most of her work on supporting clients in the exploration and reclaiming of their sexual narratives. She has been deeply interested in exploring the intersection between sexuality and religion and her areas of research specialize in these topics, especially within LatinX populations. She is a researcher in the Gender and Sexual Interactions research team currently conducting the Pleasure Study: a study that seeks to investigate and further understand how gender and those with marginalized gender identities experience and perform sexual pleasure. Claudia is also the team lead and a clinical supervisor at the PNW Sex Therapy Collective, a Sex Therapy group practice based in Seattle, WA. Claudia holds a Bachelor in Psychopedagogy, a Bachelor in Family Sciences, a Masters Degree in Couple and Family Therapy, a Certificate in Sex Therapy, and is currently working on her PhD in Human Sexuality.

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