Sex and Spirituality in Sessions
(Building a Better Us Virtual Series)

Presented 6/25/21


Thank you for taking a few moments to complete an evaluation of this event.  This evaluation must be completed in order to receive CE(s). These surveys also help WAMFT improve its events and provide improved benefit to the MFT community.

Speaker(s) seemed knowledgeable concerning topic
Speaker(s) were well-organized/prepared
Speaker(s) were responsive to participant input
Content was appropriate for intended audience
Content met my needs
Content was consistent with stated objectives
I have a better understanding of client barriers to accessing therapy as a result of faith/spirituality/religious and/or sexual values.
I now know where to access resources for increasing the knowledge, skills, and awareness of sex and spirituality as part of therapy.
I have greater awareness of issues around sex and sprirituality for minority groups in both topiuc areas (non-heterosexual of non-Christian)
I learned methods of integrating sex and spirituality into sessions.
Which of the following personal objectives were important to you in attending this event? (select all that apply)
In general, were these personal objectives met?

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