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AMFT’s Family Team is a network of advocates volunteering their time and talents toward furthering MFT policy interest. WAMFT members can provide a vital voice in representing the health care interests of our clients by engaging in dialogue and advocacy about the policies impacting our profession.

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Legislative Update - Out Of State Reciprocity Licensing

Reciprocity is here!  To find more information regarding the rules set in place regarding out of state applicants ability to gain temporary licensure while applying for full licensure, please see this document. It is important to note, that temporary licenses only allow you to practice therapy within licensed behavioral health agencies and not private practices. If you are navigating this process and you have complications, do not delay in contacting us for assistance

Legislative Updates - Telehealth Update and Billing Guidelines FAQ - April 2020

Legislative Update - Telehealth Parity Bill Signed Into Law


On March 19, 2020, Governor Jay Inslee signed into law, Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5385, which requires providers to be paid the same for services via telehealth that historically have been paid for in person encounters (Telehealth Payment Parity). This law applies to all insurance companies both state and commercial. WAMFT leadership reached out to the Office of the Insurance Commissioner and ensured this bill does apply to our field.


This law was signed into effect immediately and is a boon to our field and ensures that we as mental health providers are able to continue meeting the needs of the population in this ever changing time - all the while protecting reimbursement rates.


As always, WAMFT leadership and government affairs committee are here to help. Please reach out to our Legislative Chair, Anthony Pennant [], with your questions and concerns related to our advocacy efforts. 

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