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Ask Lewis Consulting LLC to learn about their essential role in protecting the profession of ALL MFTs across WA State

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Amber Lewis

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Krystelle Purkey

Advocacy Fund


Contribute to the WAMFT Advocacy Fund and support advocacy activities, education, & contract lobbyist

Lewis Consulting LLC.


WAMFT encourages ALL MFTs regardless of AAMFT / WAMFT membership affiliation to donate as Lewis Consulting LLC advocacy efforts protect the profession of MFTs for ALL in WA State.  Lewis Consulting LLC consulting fee is paid by donations and a portion of WAMFT membership dues. 


WAMFT is not a 501c3, so donations are not deductible as a charitable contribution for income tax purposes.  Payments to the WAMFT Advocacy Fund may be deductible as a business expense.  However, IRS regulations limit the deduction based on the association's lobbying expenses.  Consult your tax adviser regarding issues with tax deductions.

Ask the Lobbyist!

3 Part Video Series

August 8, 2019

This month we are pleased to be able to share the first of a three part series, Ask the Lobbyist. We hope that you will gain insight as to what our lobbyist, Amber Lewis, does and why this work is essential to our field. We encourage you to give us feedback through email as well as Twitter @TheWamft using the hashtags #Thewamft #Wamftlegs. Your thoughts will help us shape more content in the future and help dictate what the next legislative goals will be for the upcoming year.


We hope that you enjoy this new video series!


Anthony Pennant, LMFT

Legislative Committee Chair

Ask the Lobbyist
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