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  • My name is Steve WIlson, my wife Stefanie Stephens-Wilson just took a new position with Stevens County's counceling service "New Alliance Counceling". Her first meeting with the Director was anything less than positive, enlightening, or encouraging. The reason for this comment/question is as follows: Stefanie is a very hard working diligent Therapist. She graduated with honors from EWU with 2 majors and a minor. She also graduated with "honors" if they kept track of that from Whitworth University in Marriage and Family Therapy. Currently Stefanie is working on her PhD. in Business Administration and Organizational Psychology. I mention all of this because when meeting her new Director she was actually attacked for these items when writing her decleration for her new position. When writing her decleration Stefanie made notes of her accomplishments, 1.   Stating that she was a Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of Washington. 2. PhD. was to big of a "word" and it holds negative conotations. 

    Was Stefanie wrong in stating that she was a Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of Washington? She did not state that she was a LMFT in Washington, nor did she infer that she was Licensed but in fact Agency Affiliated, not Wa. St. Licensed. As noted above Stefanie worked very hard sacraficing enormous amounts to earn the added designation of Therapist not Councelor. Having the Director of NAC of Stevens County tell her she was "NOT a Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of Washington and by stating so was an ethical and professional violation". David the Director also told her that "PhD. was to big of a word and not to be used in a declaration" was an insult to not only Stefanie but to me, as a supporting husband (sometimes not as much as I should be). Can you please clarify this for us? As this not only affects the thoughts and perspective that "Davlid" has about Stefanie but also about how all MFT are viewed in Stevens County. And by the way I am not the highly educated one but I am pretty sure that PhD. are initials not a "word".

    Thank You for your help and assistance in clearing up this matter and for your future attention in sending "David" the Director of NAC Stevens County, Wa. the proper way to address his future "Therapists" that may come into his employ. 

    Steve Wilson 

    comment Comment posted by Mrs. Stefanie M. Stephens-Wilson on Apr 25, 2017, 03:08 PM